HuExtensions: Curly Texture (3 bundles)


HuExtensions are customizable and premium, hand selected 100%  virgin human hair extensions used exclusively at Huetiful Salons - until now. Introducing our HuExtensions for customized, online ordering.

HuExtension's curly texture is like a perfectly coiffed head of curls from a rod set at Huetiful Salon. 

Hair extensions are an investment. You want that investment to last longer, look better, and reflect your individual style. HuExtensions can be left in their natural color can be ordered in one of 25 customizable colors that are professionally colored, to order, by a Huetiful Salon colorist. Our wefts and quality results in minimial shedding so that you can reuse, change colors or reinstall HuExtensions for up to two years. Now that's a great return on your investment. 

Experience HuExtensions shipped directly to you or your salon. Starting at just $56 per 100g bundle with optional custom color on a 3-pack bundle for just an additional $145.