Hair Care: Macadamia Nut Collection

This collection is the culmination of nineteen months of work to bring the finest ingredients and products together for your hair care journey. The project started in Jarabacoa, Domininan Republic ("the Dominican Alps") where our CEO, Ken Burkeen, visited an eco-farm and learned about the application of macadamia nut oil in local, homemade hair care products for women with curly hair (which is pretty much everybody). The weather there is stiflingly hot and often very humid in Jarabacoa. Certainly, Jarabacoa is a great litmus test for many other cities.

These ingredients are designed to be as effective in our salons in Atlanta and Chicago is they in Jarabacoa. The entire collection was used in our salons and observed across many types and textures of curly hair for several months before production was finalized. 

Enjoy the Huetiful Macadamia Nut Collection. Our finest collection of natural hair care products. Ever.